Sunday, 27 April 2014

Xr8ed Stresser Review

Hello, So today I reviewed  xr8edstresser, To start off the site loads very quick which I like that,
-The layout is great they have a stop button as-well as Skype, cloud-flare, domain and steam resolver. which is an excellent amount off tool to get my targets IP.
-Now the power was very good, I took down my protected site. so I thought I'd run a Dstat and for that attack it hit 23Gbps. now that's just great because most stressers Iv'e tried have only hit about 1.5-3Gbps at the most.
Last but not least the price. They were definitely cheap for the Quality, The power was great same with all the tools.
-If your looking for a great DDoS tool, stresser/Booter I highly suggest  xr8edstresser. I give you guys a 11/10 :)           xr8edstresser

This is their site.


  1. wow, xr8edstresser is the best stresser, I tested this stresser and it works great, thanks for showing this.

  2. thank you for your interesting infomation.